Api Integration

Api Integration

Post Covid, every enterprise is looking for CRM’s that is in line with managing the new norms of work from home & lockdowns. Telephony integration to their CRM is vital and most sought after, in achieving the same. CRM Developers & integrators can no longer ignore this need , as it is likely to become a huge market barrier in their go to market strategy. Com1 presents a wide range of time tested API’s that can help the developers build complicated telephony requirements with ease.

Sample Documentation(Free)

Help Com1 Ip Pbx Developer Options – (com1pbx.com)

Sample Documentation(Paid)

Kindly Login to the following URL for a complete updated Api Documentation.

Com1 Developer Option – Comprehensive API Package (com1pbx.com)

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Postman Collection

You can download the postman collection in the following link. Kindly replace the IP Details with yours and no need for port details like 3002 in your environment that is specific to our test environment.

Com1 Developer Option Postman Collection

API General Training Video