Productivity Suite

Com1 Productivity Suite integrates with Com1 IPPBX seamlessly that can transform the way we work to accomplish our everyday task & calls.



Username – Your Extension Number 
Password – 1234(Default) which can be changed after your initial login


Voicemail – You can listen your voicemails and delete the same after listening here. 


Voicemail Settings – You can set Voicemail credentials over here including Password, Voicemail 2 Email etc.


Communication – Has 3 submenus, while Phone gives you an option to dial out any number from the browser, SMS & Email options helps you send SMS & Email using the created templates with ease. Standard repetitive SMS like office location, Bank Details, PAN details etc.. can be sent using this option.  Standard Emails like Pricelist, Product specs can be sent using Email.


CDR – This will list out all the incoming, outgoing & missed call details of the extension with complete call parameters. This will help the user to review the calls for follow up process. You can use Search option to pin down your search to any specific or range of numbers.


Voice Logger – This will list out all the incoming, outgoing & missed call details of the extension with an option to play and listen to your voice files. This will help the user to review the calls for follow up process. You can use Search option to pin down your search to any specific or range of numbers.


Settings – This helps you set the various extension metrics including the password change, Directory Trunk(Trunkid you are authorised to use) as well as your basic profile data like Name, Mobile & Email. As all our SMS takes data from your profile automatically for sending call related exception message, request you to update this with proper data.



Like any other Directory service it stores your contact information, grouped by City(eg Chennai, Bangalore etc)  & Category(Schoolmate, Airtel, Collegemate, Relative etc). This offers click2call dialling to dial your outbound calls with ease, Schedule calls & SMS, One touch Call etc. You can use Search option to filter & pindown any specific or range of matching records.


Create Directory Records : Fill up the necessary records & Save


One Touch Dial : You can click on the respective buttons to make your call. The red button indicates that button is yet to be updated.


Use option Edit and update name & number of your contact.


Create Contact Group : You can Save & Delete group records in this tab.


Create Contact City : You can Save & Delete city records in this tab.


Calls & SMS Scheduling :

Call Scheduling : You can schedule a call for any future timing for any listed number in the directory. On expiry of the time, your extension will ring and on your pick up the call will be dialled and connected to the caller.
SMS Scheduling : You can schedule SMS for any future timing for any listed number in the directory. On expiry of the time, an SMS shall be initiated to the number with the message (max 145 characters) shall be sent. Unlike calls, SMS offers repetitive option of sending messages Daily, Weekly & Monthly option which shall be activated using Repeat option scheduler. Note : The control panel to manage this option is in To Do portion of User Panel and shall be explained in the next chapter. 

To Do

To Do portion of Productivity Suite, if effectively implemented can increase the organisation productivity multifold. In a nutshell you can handle missed calls in mobile, manage events, appointments & tasks with an option to collaborate with your colleagues. You can also manage the Calls & SMS scheduling options under the previous Directory option here.

  • Todo is the most powerful feature of Com1 which offers all the features of any widely used daily planner but eliminates the compulsion to move across devices or apps to take action.
  • You can collaborate the task with other extension users.
  • History of the task action by various users is available.
  • At the expected reminder time, your extension rings with reminder message and auto establish the scheduled call.
  • You can send SMS or call the person from the same screen without using another gadget or app or software
  • Left hand side colour bar indicates whether it is Task(T), Appointment(A), Event(E), Missed call(M), Reminders(R), Big days like birthday/anniversary(B)
  • Right hand side colour bar indicates with combination of colours from green indicating that there is time to act or to red that it is already overdue
  • Every type has appropriate follow up action buttons to make your job easier.
  • Left Panel – Row 1 gives the name details of the contact as well as the task details. The notes icon will display any remark you have added to the contact.
  • Row 2 indicates the 2 contact numbers with Icons to initiate call or send sms
  • Row 3 has email details to send an email as well as busy/nr sends a found busy status on your call & missed did not pick your call as sms and mail. Also has button for various follow up status
  • Task has tf which send a standard follow up sms & email on click 
  • If you are busy and get a call on mobile you can send a message with a committed time to callback
  • Event has ew which sends an email & sms wishing the function success at the time of click
  • Appointment has ac for cancellation, ar for remainder and al indicating that you are leaving
  • Row 1 Gives the last update of remarks on the task
  • Row 2 gives both time due for the task as well as the set remainder time.
  • Close – to close the task and it goes out of active follow up
  • Snooze– to postpone the task with remarks
  • History – gives history of all follow up
  • Dropdown with extension names helps you collaborate task with other extension users
  • Rightmost Colour bar with various colors like Green or Red indicates if it is overdue or time available for action

Add ToDo :  You can add Missedcall / Task / Event & Appointments in this section for a follow up. This section load the complete directory with an option to Add or Edit Birthday, Anniversary & Remarks.  You can also change Group & City as appropriate. You also have search option to pin down your required contact for further action.


Missed Call : If you are receiving a call on your mobile and you are not in a position to answer a call and intent to answer a call after a stipulated time. You can use the drop down & create a missed call option with an approximate time to call back. The contact will get an SMS with an acknowledgement of call and an approximate time of call back. After the expiry of time your extension will ring and on pick up you will get connected to the caller.

Task, Event & Appointment : As mentioned for Missed call, you can add any task or event & appointments as mentioned below. After the expiry of time your extension will ring and on pick up you will get connected to the caller or many other options of sending SMS at click of button as mentioned in previous option.


Scheduler : This is the control panel for Calls & Sms scheduling. You can delete the entry using Delete option. 


For SMS there is an option to to reschedule the event. In case of SMS repeat, it will follow the revised time for future events. 


This option is visible only for Call scheduling on expiry of time. In case you have called the person which needs a follow up later, this will help a reschedule of the call without creating another event.

Missed Call

Missed Call section of the Productivity Suite will list all missed call of the organisation for an onward process of clearing.  While the Pending Section will display last 25 uncleared calls, the Completed section will display last 25 cleared missed calls with details of who cleared and time. Left hand side radio button will open a popup to update the list.


The concerned person can add remarks after talking to the customer and add remarks.

Status Pending can be used if the issue is not over and needs another call while Completed if the task is over and necessary forward action is completed.

PC Console

PC Console gives overview of the current status of extensions. Green box indicates the extension is Free, Red indicates that extension is Busy on a call, Larger Red indicates extension is Ringing and Yellow indicates the extension is unregistered.

Inference from the following status are 202 is busy on a call, 206 is ringing, 200 & 201 etc are free while 206 & 209 etc are unregistered.