Bridge Conference

This section helps you create bridge conference. The Conferences Module is used to create a single extension number that your users can dial so that they can talk to each other in a conference call.  Internal Users can dial 902 and log-in to Bridge while any outsider can dial in through any allotted telecom resources for Bridge Conference.

Conference Id – Use this number to dial into the conference.

User PIN / Password – Optional – You can require callers to enter a password before they can enter this conference. If either PIN is entered, the user will be prompted to enter a PIN. The user PIN should be different from the admin PIN.

Admin PIN – Enter a PIN number for the admin user. When a user enters this PIN, he/she will be identified as the conference leader.

Conference Name – This is identification name for the conference

Conference By : This is entered to identify the person who created this conference. Not just that at the end of the conference, the creator will get an email of list of participants as well as their log in and log out times along with the conference call recording link

Conference Purpose : Brief agenda of conference to prepare the participants in advance. This will be part of the email alert that is sent one hour in advance

Type – Four Different options D – Daily, M – Monthly, O – One Time, Weekly with O that will expire after one time usage while the others will reschedule itself in the time either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Authentication – Three different options Mobile, Pin , None. Mobile is the most secure of all which does not allow any participants other than listed numbers, Pin is less secure as anyone with Pin can login the conference bridge, None is used for open conferences that does not require any security.

Start Time – This is starting time of the conference and log in is allowed only after this time.

Trunk – CLI of the call that will be received from system for joining the conference. The DID to be dialed to join this conference.

You can edit / delete the existing conference entries anytime

Using this section you can add participants to the bridge conference. Also you can select his participation mode i.e, should the system make an outbound call and connect him or he will call by himself and join as an Inbound call. If the choice is Outbound, then the redial count is to be fixed. In case on first try the call is not picked, how many times it should redial and try to connect. In case if the participant has missed the call, he can join the conference by dialing the number assigned in line with the authentication preffered.