Customisation Policy

Being a software product, it is absolutely natural for every customers looking for customisation of our product in line with their needs. Every requirement enriches the product as your requirement could be others as well. We are committed to consider each and every request from customer’s with due respect and take a balanced view and incorporate in the product subject to the following governing policy.

Fundamental Governing Policies :

KISS (Keep it Simple & Straightforward).

Have a single build that meet 90% of every customer need than multi build that meets 100% of a fewer customers.

Have a revenue model based on high volume of customers than a robust & meet all solution for a few.

Keep the product cost affordable to customers that even it entices the basic EPABX customer considering buying our product with a marginal investment hike to experience the power of Ip Pbx technology.

Development Challenges :

Every requirement adds front end menu and database columns complicating the product. Every customer is forced to carry an unnecessary baggage of one other customer’s fancied requirement.

Every addition brings in support challenges on hundreds of our existing installations while they go for version updates.

Support Challenges :

Complicated Products brings in more support requirement increasing the cost of support and finally the product cost as well.

Whenever customer updates new version , any local customisation will be replaced by standard version and local customisation gets erased.

Conclusion :

If the requirement could add value to the existing and future customers, the feature shall be added into the single build we maintain at no additional cost else we can consider meeting that as an external link outside the product at an additional customisation cost exclusive for you.

The product has grown only because of various customers sharing their requirement and any rejection from our side does not question the validity of the need but usability of the rest of customers in our judgment. There are occasions where some rejected needs were incorporated at a later date as many more customers wanted the same feature.

When we are forced to choose between One Order vs Governing Policy , we have always chosen Governing Policy and we shall continue to choose Governing Policy over One Order irrespective of Size & Stature.