Abbreviated Dialling

Com1 Ip Pbx stores frequently used numbers in the system memory (100 numbers). The users can dial out this number with its access code. 50 Numbers out of 100 works in line with class of service while the rest forms Global Abbreviated Dialling which works irrespective of class of service. Global Abbreviated Dialling will help customer to store emergency official numbers including ISD to be used by all extensions.

Auto Attendant

The caller can directly reach an extension without the help of an operator. Com1 Ip Pbx has a built-in Auto-attendant playing different messages like Welcome Message, Dial-by-Name, Dial Extension, Busy, No-Reply, Transferring to Operator, etc. These messages can be uploaded. It also allows the caller to call a desired extension by dialling the name of the extension user.

Conference Calls

Com1 Ip Pbx allows the customer to operate 10 conference calls simultaneously with unlimited participants with the combination of Internal and External numbers. Conference can be initiated either from Terminal equipments or from User Panel or our Gui. We also have a comprehensive Bridge conference which is covered under Unique features page. Our conference bridge offers scheduled conference as well conference on demand.

Class of Service

Com1 Ip Pbx allows the customer to decide upon the access rights to features for each extension, thus allowing you to configure the system as per your requirements. Intercom, National & international are 3 types of Class Of Service(COS). Extensions assigned as Intercom can dial only intercom & 50 Global Abbreviated Dialling, National can dial all Local & STD numbers while International can dial National & International numbers.

Flexible Numbering

This function allows you to define the extension numbers as per your convenience. You can select a combination of 3 to 8 digit extension numbers. The only restriction is the starting digits of extensions can be 2,3,4,5 or 6. Extension numbers cannot start with 0,1,7,8,9

Least Cost Routing

LCR(Least Cost Routing) can be defined as ensuring that least cost is incurred for each call by choosing specific trunk lines based on their prevailing tariffs. This function with the presence of multiple basic service providers offering various tariff plans for diverse destinations during different timings. Local & STD calls tariff's acroos world saw convergence and tariff gap merged across various service providers acroos different timings over time, hense LCR lost its relevance for National calls. Com1 sticking to its core design principle of 'Keep It Simple', ignored LCR in National calls and have provision only for ISD calls. Customer can choose specific Trunk for a specific country based on ISD code to reduce ISD call cost.

Auto Call Back

When you find an extension number dialled is busy / not answered, you can activate Auto Call back, sooner the extension gets free or gets first activity, it will give a ring back to the extension & allows you to get connected with the extension user without frequent redials.

Caller Line Identification

This function identifies the phone number of the caller and displays it on the telephone be it Analog Telephone through FXS, Ip Phone or Softphone. The CLI is displayed for both internal and external caller. Even in case of a call being transferred from one extension to another, the system informs about both the numbers. Com1 Ip Pbx works in both DTMF & FSK.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID)

Unlike most of what competion offers, DID is very unique in Com1 Ip Pbx with more options to choose from, with basic option of reaching desired extension by dialling the extension number to reaching a specific department by an access code to an advanced directory service where in you can choose extension by name.

Direct Outward System Access (DOSA)

DOSA by its design, allows an user to access the system′s resources from a remote location. Thus, a user can make calls to any external number say an ISD number, using the trunk lines connected to the system from a remote location. While competition uses password as user authentication leading to misuse, Com1 Ip Pbx uses your CLI to allow the trunk acesss which is far more secure and user friendly.