We have Separate Inbound(ACD) & Outbound Call Centre Suite Licenses. 90% of the times any customer will need any one of that depending upon his requirement while in rare cases the customers needs to activate both if both inbound & outbound need exist.

Call Centre Solution is a very support intensive operation unless the customer learns himself or employs someone to manage the floor. Some customers expects us to support them on day today routine operation, occupying our resources that is not just regular but time consuming. These licenses are not meant to enhance our revenue but to discourage this habit and deter customer to use us only for software issues and not for day today routine call center management.

While most of our competitors are operating on seat based licensing option for call center, Com1 Ip Pbx works on ad hoc one time licensing cost. This brings a huge relief to call center owners saving huge recurring licensing and support cost and helps them expand or reduce their floor size at their will and wish.

If it is inbound , multiple unlimited campaign login is allowed but for outbound only one campaign is allowed. Though there is no technical barrier in allowing multiple campaign login for predictive dialing, it does more harm than benefitting, putting all queue metrics under stress including Abandoned Calls. Though very few customers seek this option, after various trails, we decided not to allow this option even at the cost of losing orders, as we feel it is more of disservice than of any value enhancement.

if one has to choose between productivity & quality and if the choice is productivity then it is Predictive dialing without batting an eyelid. This article (Predictive Dialing and it's nuances.) will throw light on how predictive dialing will keep your per call cost under check and improve your ROI.

On the flip side Predictive dialing throws a lot of Abandoned calls and brings in a huge stress on the agents due to unabated call flow. Com1 Ip Pbx has an option to choose Predictive dialing with preferred Abandoned Call Percentage that helps you to reap the benefits of predictive dialing with out the perils of high Abandoned calls and higher agent exploitation.

The other factors that plays a vital role in deciding the productivity is Availability of Telecom resources & quality of database. If the database quality is bad leading to a very poor call maturity, impacts agent productivity even in predictive mode. To attain best agent productivity productivity the suggested & preferred Agent, Telecom Channel ratio is 1:3 and at worst 1:2, anything lesser than that will impact agent productivity even in predictive mode.

In our standard free version of agent panel, apart from standard mandatory 'Mobile', five more data can be displayed out of which two are name & email by design but can be manipulated to use other data. In paid version the number of data columns are unlimited.

The preference of softphones varies from each customer and fine tuned over their experience with each of them, nevertheless we  have given the following comparison  of the most popular and widely used softphones to have a reference.

Customer's have their own preference and choice when it comes to headset, in a nutshell any good branded USB headset is fine and if we were compelled to suggest one based on our customer feedback it is Logitech H340.

Standard Agent Panel is very exhaustive, not only meet any call center basic requirement but exceeds expectation where 90% of our customers use only the Standard version. As business needs vary from company to company, we offer a customisable Professional version of our Agent Panel.

Primarily the capacity to store the recorded files are directionally proportional to the size of harddrive you have connected to the server. For 1 TB of harddrive space you can store upto 17600 hours of recording.

You can create an FTP server and sync the voice files every hour and purge and free up the server harddisk space if you have to store the files for a longer duration.

Unlike normal ERP or any other business process software, Reporting in call center where the database tables are constantly accessed by the process in a live scenario poses a huge challenge for developers where hundreds of Queue-metrics needs to be consolidated periodically. We are no exception nor blessed on this, but overtime we have optimised our reporting, balancing most of every customer need by giving a reasonable near live data on every report. Physiologically customer's will always find reports from another software better than the software they own like the Jasmine in neighbors garden always smells better than our own. While we are open to suggestion to better our product always, we do not appreciate any force to match similar reporting in our product, as we have struggled over years to meet if not 100% atleast 90% of our customers needs without affecting the floor performance and are always guided by our customisation policy https://com1pbx.com/customisation-policy/. Unlike other product, we have displayed all what we offer in black and white in our website and we expect & request our customers to have due diligence before choosing us than pushing us to meet another software reports.