Survey / Voice Blasting

Survey / Voice blasting in its basic form is a simple voice file being played over a voicecall. An example being , the marketing messages we get over phone from companies or awareness campaign by government bodies or even election messages by political parties during election .

VVPAT Voice Blast By EC (Sample)

More advanced voice blast applications can be designed with data merge of announcement with some data. Data merge can automate many routine and repetitive task of organisation’s like Insurance policy renewal reminders or service reminders for automobile show room or payment follow up of pending bills or even taking feedback on service rendered. Some of the live examples are explained as below.

Data into survey campaign can be pushed over API from your CRM or can be imported from a csv file.

Code Red Announcement (Hospital)

The recent advice by Medical Council to all hospitals to adopt code red, code blue, code pink etc as medium for emergency announcements than using the public address system that disturbs the patient continuously can be created using this feature.

In sample Code Red alert from extension 298

Payment Follow Up

Customer can import the outstanding list (say from Tally or his CRM) with Customer Mobile Number along with invoice number, date and outstanding amount as a CSV file. The survey campaign will automatically call all the customers and inform the customer as designed by you as a voice file merged with his relevant data, a sample of such a file can be verified below.

  1. Invoice Number – 1256
  2. Invoice Date – 13/06/2021
  3. Pending Amount – 30,205.00

Insurance Renewal Follow Up

The insurance companies /agents have a huge task of reminding customers in various forms during the expiry of insurance policies. In spite of various impersonal communication like email, SMS or WhatsApp still the most effective mode of communication is a personal call on customer mobile from the company/agents to the customers. A near effective mode can be an automated insurance reminder designed using our survey campaign. Some of our customers have reported Com1 automated renewal follow up have not only reduced man power but also brought in on time renewal of insurance with good operating efficacy.

  1. Vehicle Number – 1956
  2. Expiry Date – 13/06/2021
  3. Renewal Amount – 659

Automobile Service Follow Up

For every motor dealer, irrespective of their team size, the service remainders to customers who have their service due is always found wanting due to laborious nature of follow up and customer behavior and response. Some of our customers have reported Com1 automated follow up have not only reduced man power but also brought in additional business with good operating efficacy.

  1. Mileage – 45000
  2. Vehicle Number – 1956
  3. Service Gap – 64

Hospital Appointment Reconfirmation

Busy doctors always find it tough to handle their appointments, either they are over booked if all patients turn up putting a lot of stress to both doctors and patient or many of them do not turn up after taking appointment in advance. With com1 Ip Pbx you can reconfirm the appointment by an automated voice call, where a reconfirmation or cancellation can be recorded and update the appointment management system automatically based on their response.

  1. Appointment Date & Time – 13/06/2021 11:30 AM

Hospital Appointment Cancellation

Doctors as a profession face a lot of uncertainty in their time management where the choice could always be choosing between two emergencies. Most of the either they get delayed for their committed time for subsequent appointments or forced to cancel them leaving patients high and dry. At times doctor would have had the event in advance, Com1 provides mechanism to inform the patients and can help patients avoid travelling, the least the doctors can do to the patients

  1. Appointment Date & Time – 13/06/2021 11:30 AM

Event Participation Confirmation

Better managed events brings the best of participation. Confirmation and effective follow up & remainders till the end brings participation. Com1 offers effective follow up and automated mechanism to mange any events better. This is a sample process to weed out wrong registrations to set a realistic participation towards the event build up.

  1. Appointment Date & Time – 19/06/2021 04:00 PM

Event Participation Reconfirmation

Last day remainders hold the key in bringing and adding a few vital participation. This is a sample process that can help doing that.

  1. Appointment Time – 04:00 PM (Today)