Help Com1 Ip Pbx Voice Logger

Voice Logger

Search Options : While From Date & To Date is compulsory, but offers four different filtering options within a date range. 

Call type (optional) : Options Both Incoming & Outgoing, Only Incoming or Only Outgoing

Disposition (optional) : Options Both Answered & Unanswered Calls, Only Answered or Only Unanswered

Particular Extension(optional) : In case if you want to filter for a particular extension

Particular Number Range(optional) : Enter any number range between dates eg 19019 shall list all calls that has 19019 in any part of the number.

Play – Just press this button if you want to listen to the conversation. The play will start from call maturity, it will ignore the call ringing time.

Download – You can download the file to your local computer. To play the file you need .wav compatible player , the most widely used being VLC media player which is available in all OS. Even the latest versions of browsers are capable of playing .wav files.

Row Count View – By default system loads 10 last sorted data based on date & time of the call. If you wish more data on display you can choose 25, 50 or 100 option.

Data Sorting – If you wish to sort the displayed data, you can do so by clicking on the required heading. You can move to the previous or next page with the link provided in the right hand side bottom of the report.

Back Up


Com1 offers syncing your voice files over FTP every one hour for the files of today. Note : It will only sync files of the day and will not sync previous day files. In case you want back of old files, needs to be planned manually with our support.

Cli Extension Link(Not For Ip Pbx)

This is used to manipulate the DID assigned to extension in a pure voice logger activation. If you are using Com1 Ip Pbx only for voice logger along with our EPABX system, we will not get extension CLI but we will get only DID data for incoming and outgoing calls for any extension placed in the EPABX. Using this we manipulate and modify our report from DID to extension.