Com1 Productivity Suite

Com1 Productivity Suite integrates with Com1 IPPBX seamlessly that can transform the way we work to accomplish our everyday task & calls. CPS consists of Top Menu Area, Side Selection Area & Main Result Area.



To Do portion of Com1 Productivity Suite, if effectively implemented can increase the organisation productivity multifold. In a nutshell you can handle missed calls in mobile, manage events, appointments & tasks with an option to collaborate with your colleagues.

  • Todo is the most powerful feature of Com1 which offers all the features of any widely used daily planner but eliminates the compulsion to move across devices or apps to take action.
  • You can collaborate the task with other extension users.
  • History of the task action by various users is available.
  • At the expected reminder time, your extension rings and auto establish the scheduled call.
  • You can send Whatsapp or call the person from the same screen without using another gadget or app or software
  • Left hand side colour bar indicates whether it is Task(T), Appointment(A), Event(E), Missed call(M), Reminders(R), Big days like birthday/anniversary(B)
  • Right hand side colour bar indicates with combination of colours from green indicating that there is time to act or to red that it is already overdue
  • Every type has appropriate follow up action buttons to make your job easier.