Tapping of telephone lines have to done in parallel anywhere in the cable that the line needs to be tapped. The line can be either a direct analog line provided by any service provider or an extension connected to EPABX. The schematic connectivity is explained as above. 

Note: We cannot use Com1 Analog Voice Logger for any Digital Extension of an EPABX / Proprietary centrex lines provided by some service providers.

Step 1: Unpack the Com1 Voice Logger. You will find Com1 Voice Logger and an USB cable.


Step 2: Download the latest software from or


Step 3: Install the software in your PC.


Step 4: Connect the Com1 Voice Logger to your PC using the USB cable.


Step 5: Com1 Voice Logger gets sensed under Interface in the Device Manager.


Step 6: Post driver installation we strongly recommend a restart of your PC

Step 7: Connect the telephone lines as explained in the previous section and you are ready to go




* Top of the screen gives various menu options for Com1 Voice Logger

* Left side indicates the date time as well as current user and recorded log activities of today.

* Bottom of the screen indicates the drive that is selected to record the voice files. Drive can be selected under System.

* This software is common for all our models starting from 2 Ports to 32 Ports.

* Based on the model connected, the number of ports will turn whiter than the rest.

* Telephone Icon will turn Blue if a line is connected and the status is Idle.

* Telephone Icon will turn Orange if the channel is In-Use.

* Pls note that the software will start while booting of the machine automatically and will record all the calls.

* You cannot close the software unless you log-in and use exit option thus ensures that no unauthorised closure.

Log On:


Default Password is Blank / admin. After Login the other menus will appear based on your approved authentication.


Logout : This section will logout the current user but the software will be running in the background and record calls.

Exit : Will close the software and no recording will happen till the software is restarted or system is rebooted.

Interface : This gives an indication of the current channel status if the channel is active (Status : Record), the last recorded call status (Status : Wait) and no line is connected (Status : Off).


Search : The most important and purpose of the software is this menu. You will be able to search and get data, export data based on few input parameters as well as play and hear the selected file. This menu is split into 4 areas.

Search area: various option of search which can be alone or combo of many in search param.


Activity Area: After selecting various options, Press Load Data to display the details matching your request. Export will export the voice files either in .wav or .mp3 format. You can use Add Note to put some notes against every call to enable easy search in later date. Del will delete the selected voice file after confirmation. Imp will mark a call as important that can be used to sort all important tagged calls later. Print Out will export the loaded data to a printer for a hard copy while XL Data will export data to an excel file. Exit will exit this menu and go back to main menu


Data Area : Based on the selected param under Search Area the data will get displayed under this area for any activity you choose under Activity Area. By clicking on the line, will start playing the selected voice file and if Auto Play option is enabled in the player then it will play all the files after the selected row


Player Area :  This area will play any file selected and clicked in the Data Area. Auto Play option is enabled in the player then it will play all the files after the selected row.


Monitor : By selecting this option after choosing the channel, the admin can overhear the live conversation happening on that channel.

Contacts : One of the most powerful features of Com1 Voice Logger is the ability to Map the calls by contacts. You can ADD, Modify & Delete or Export, Import & Update From an Excel sheet.


Statistics : You can have various analysis of your calling pattern using this option, under this section. This is more similar to our search area but gives reports in consolidated format.


【Statistic analyze】: It’s the statistic of recording history, it can combine the statistic condition of 【Channel ID】【Date】【I/O】【type】【caller information】【duration time】 for searching. After setting the condition combination, click 【Load】, the recording system shows the statistic list. In the list there are 【Channel ID】【I/O】【total calls】【total time】【Average time】information. Click 【Print】, it print the statistic file. Click【XL Export】it export statistic file by EXCEL. 

The other option gives an Insight into the log file as well as Missed Calls.

Line : This section helps you to set the various recording param including the timing of recording for various channels, call types such as Incoming / Outgoing / Both.


  1. 【Channel ID】it’s the number of local telephone. This blank should be filled in correctly. If the Line ID is null, the recording system can’t work.
  2. 【Recording mode】there are 【Voltage control】【Audio control】and 【Key control】modes. For 【Voltage control】is the default recording mode, it can shows the dialing out and incoming call numbers. For 【Audio control】and 【Key control】modes. It can’t show caller ID both dialing out and incoming. Tick the mode you want for selection. 【Key control】method: pressing 【**】 key means record this call. pressing 【##】 key means do not record this call. For WAV software,If you need 【Audio Control】. Please do one more step except ticking. Please change the value of 【CARD_CFG.TXT】 in server folder. Set the 【VOICECONTROL=1】(0 is the voltage control)
  3. 【Prefix】some telephone numbers have the same prefix. For example, the exchange telephone display a number 9 before all caller number. So, set 9 as the Prefix number. The recording system can record the correct telephone number without 9 at the first number. The rule is the same of In prefix and out prefix.
  4. 【record selection】Four choices, they are 【all】record both incoming and dialing out calls.【In】record incoming call only.【Out】record dialing out call only.【No】do not record.
  5. 【Record time】default recording time is whole day. The first record time is a must-select item. You can modify the recording time as you want.
  6. 【Mute dB】is the environment sound setting. When it’s the 【Audio Control】the system should know how many dB is the Mute value. So, the higher value, the louder voice is needed for starting the recording system. The best value depend on different recording environment. When it’s the 【Voltage Control】this value should larger than the current noise value(showed on the right of Mute value, changing all the time).otherwise, it cause error on on hook and off hook detecting. The value also have some relation with 【RING_THRESHOLD】parameter in 【CARD_CFG.TXT】of Server folder.
  7. 【Apply to All】apply the setting of current line to all channels directly. For example: if all channels need the 【Audio Control】mode, just set at one line. Then click 【Apply to all】, so that, all channels use the 【Audio Control】mode. 



User can select recording storage drive, such as logical drive, network image drive, etc. user don’t need to select all drives. The selection can depend on storage space and recording time. 1G space can storage 175 hour recording files.(5.71M per hour). 

(1) Atleast one location for recording files storage should be selected. If no location was selected, recording is unavailable for all channels.

(2) If free or total space is -1. that means the hard disk can not be read. This may be caused by damaged disk, wrong format, etc.


Click 【Add】, enter a new username, for example, a new user named【srini】. Then tick permitted rights of the 【srini】. If you need set a new password, just tick 【modify password】enter the old password and new password. Default password is null and default user is 【admin】.

For modifying the rights and password of user, click 【modify】or double click the username. Modifying username is prohibited.

  1.  Before modifying password. You should enter your old password for security consideration.
  2. ”admin” account can’t be modified. Because the “admin” have all rights. Any modification of “admin” is invalid. It’s automatically default setting after system restart.
  3. Delete user: select user, then click 【delete】, a dialog box will pop up, and make sure you want delete it. Click 【OK】, the user is invalid.


Any number matching the above prefix will not be recorded. This will be useful to leave out a few numbers that need to be confidential.


  1. 【Daily Backup】at a specific hour back up recorded files automatically.
  2. 【Period Backup】every a specific days back up recorded files once.


  1. 【Mute N seconds on hook】The setting is for 【audio control】mode, if there is no voice for N seconds in call, the recording system identify the call is end and stop recording. Default value for N is 10. The value range of N is 1-30.
  2. 【min REC time allowed】 The parameter is for avoiding invalid call recording. The call should last at least N seconds, the recording system identify it’s the valid call and generate recording files for the call. Other wise, the recording system identify the call is invalid and do not generate recording files for it. The default time is 15 seconds. And there is no value limitation about the time.
  3. 【Max dial interval】 The parameter is for dialing out calls. There is a time limitation about pressing keys when dialing out. If the interval of pressing keys is larger than the set number, recording system identify they are two  different phone number rather than one and the keys after interval aren’t recorded. For eg, the default value is 25 seconds. And you call a phone number 【123456】. You press key【123】first, then after 25 seconds you continue to press【456】. In this case, recording system record your dialing out number is 【123】.
  4. 【IP NO.】Recording system would delete the matched IP numbers in call numbers. For example, if your setting IP number is【17908】. And there is a dialing out number 【17909075587654321】. The recording system can record the call number as 【075587654321】correctly. Caution: this function is available even with the prefix number in calls. For example, if dialing out number is 【917909075512345678】, the recording system can record the call number still as 【075587654321】. The recording system can record 2 IP number at most.
  5. 【Log on when screen was minimized】After minimized the recording interface, should logon on the software first. Then you can enter the recording interface.
  6. 【Minimize on startup】After entering operation system, Run recording software automatically, and minimize it.
  7. 【Play backup method】There are two playback methods for selection. One is 【PC audio】, one is 【recorder】.
  8. 【Key control】The setting is only used for 【key control】mode. It’s the last pressing key of call for deciding keep recording file of the call or not. Eg if the last pressing key of call is 【**】the recording system can generate the recording files for the call. But if the last pressed key is 【##】, the recording system don’t record this call.
  9. 【On N MIN idle time the program must log off】the system would log off automatically if there is no operation for N MINS long.
  10. 【Recording time N MIN Max】 it set the maximum time of a recording file. If the duration time exceed, the recording system would generate another recording file.
  11. 【Alarm】 if the call duration time exceed the set time. There would a red flicker alarm 
  12. 【Sound Reminder file】. There is also a sound reminder for duration exceeding calls. Tick the 【sound reminder file】, then point the path to a WAV format audio file. When there is a duration exceeding call there will be a SOUND REMAINDER.
  13. 【check debug information when start】the setting is used for debugging the digital telephone.
  14. 【Auto delete numbers after the symbols # and ﹡】This is a new function in WAV software, for keep the password in secret and do not shows on recording history.