Agent Disposition

Standard Dispositions in Com1 Dialler

Disposition of calls directly impacts the performance of an agent as well as overall success of a call centre. Improper disposition may close the call for that time but may end up wasting a lot of time on uninterested customers with repetitive calls while not much focus given for an interested customers. Some of the common disposition mistakes are listed as under.

A Funnel is a near order and in case disposed of as a Reschedule, an auto call next time may end up as No Response if the customer did not pick up the call that time due to him being busy.

An Invalid number disposed of as No Response may end up wasting time of another agent when you recycle No Response again, which should have been disposed of as Unsuccessful with Invalid Number remarks.

If some customer is shouting and not interested in any telemarketing call, which may get disposed of as Unsuccessful, may end up calling the same customer again through another database,  which should have been disposed of as Blacklist with remarks that would prevent harassing the customer as well as save another co-agent from getting shouted.

* To Get New Call in Manual *50 , In Reschedule/Funnel (1 – Hour, 2 – Day, 3 -Week) , X is value eg 11 – Call after 1 Hour 

com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image03Not Picked up
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image04Number Invalid
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image06Picked Up – Order Closed
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image00Picked Up – Customer Really Interested, Call back later to close
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image05Picked Up – Customer Busy, Not much of conversation happened
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image02Picked Up – Customer Shouting, Not Interested In any Telemarketing calls
com1-ip-pbx-help-agent-disposition-image03Picked Up – Customer Not Interested in the product