Network Update

Network Update

Chapter 1. An Overview

Hacking of any device or website connected to a static IP is pretty common and prevalent. It is a proven fact that the criminals and hackers are always a step ahead of the enforcing agencies and systems and that even applies in IP PBX industry. The best administered networks & websites have been hacked and are being hacked continuously. Prevention is better than cure and hence we strongly recommend the following precaution that will ensure no feature loss but at least can leave an empty purse for the pickpocketer if you cannot prevent one.

1.1. Precautions

  1. Use of system with-in premises with local IP that avoids exposure to outside hacker.
  2. If you have the need to connect it to static IP, then consider whitelisting of IP’s to access your telecom resources that has ISD.
  3. As the hacking is aimed at only making ISD calls to revenue sharing expensive numbers, we strongly recommend to disconnect the ISD facility in all the telecom resources that are connected to the IP PBX.
  4. As Telecom service providers have the habit of dynamically activating ISD facility, we strongly recommend an undertaking from them that avoids responsibility on you for such events in the future.
  5. For ISD either you can use VOIP with prepaid or GSM with prepaid with limited exposure.

1.2. Final Note

  1. Though we have taken enough precaution to ban IP addresses with suspicious activity that are trying to access our servers but no such precaution can be foolproof.
  2. Kindly talk to us or anyone with fairly good network knowledge to get complete clarity on this aspect before terminating any telecom resource with ISD facility to any EPABX system on static IP not just our system.
  3. Well administered network is hacker’s nightmare & providing a secure network is the scope of customer & we only can have a proactive advisory role on this aspect.