Increasingly, most business transactions take place over the telephone. Promises are made (and broken) and often when it comes to a post mortem, it is often one person’s word against another’s. In order to take this uncertainty out of day-to-day transactions, many businesses are routinely recording telephone conversations using Voice Loggers.


COM1 Digital Voice Logger is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art digital recorder that simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. Voice Loggers monitors, records, retrieves, logs to review, analyze and achieve virtually real time verification of telephone conversations with ease. Voice Loggers can also be deployed on P&T Lines before EPABX Systems.

COM1 Voice Loggers is an invaluable business tool built with innovative voice compression technology, that can record thousands of hours of audio onto a tiny disk or tape without losing the true fidelity of speech. Once recorded, this voice data can be stored and organized in many different ways. Voice-search feature allows any of the thousands of voice records to be searched, accessed and played instantly.

While all the other products use TAPPING technology, Com1 is the only Voice Logger to use PASSTHREW which actually records the call while call is passing through the device and not as a parallel connection. Tapping technology also carries a huge disadvantage of by passing the voice logger by the user if he wishes to for a few calls which defeats the very reason of installing voice logger.

While all the other products have a limitation in the ports that can be connected, Com1 offer the base product with 0 ports which can be expanded to 96 ports in multiples of 4 & 8 ports. It ensures that Single voice logger can be used for all your telecom resources even for a large infrastructure.

Com1 uses a proven .gsm format for storage which is 10 times more compressed than normally used .wav with no loss of quality. Com1 By default comes with 1TB harddisk space which can be expanded upto 4TB which can save 166666 hours of recording @ 100Kb/Minute.

Com1 offers a browser based control panel with proper user authentication mechanism that breaks geo & comfort barriers and offers a great operational ease & flexibility. In other words you can connect Com1 voice logger to a static IP and configure and operate this from any part of the world.

Com1 offers an automatic FTP backup to a server of your choice every next day past 1 an hour ensuring data safety even in the event of any natural calamity or sabotage. This feature will also help you centralise your voice files if your branches are spread across the globe with a specialised control panel to manage the files. 

Com1 PRI voice logger uses PASSIVE voice logging technology which does not impact your incoming & outgoing traffic in the event of voice logger failure.