Dinstar Gateway

Account Creation in Com1 IpPbx

Go To – Resources —-> Hardware —-> Inventory
Select the appropriate hardware and press Save
This will create a SIP account in the PBX for the configuration in GSM Gateway


Go To – Resources —-> Hardware —-> Accounts
Make Note of Account, Password , Incoming Id & Hardware Id
You can add the connected Lines in Remarks for Identification.
Use ADD to create as many SIP accounts for this hardware and use the grouping facility in the gateway to accomplish complex incoming and outgoing requirements of various telecom resources.
Use REMOVE and delete and redundant and unused SIP Accounts.


Go To – Resources —-> Hardware —- Created
This gives the overview of all the external hardware connected to your Com1 IPPBX


Dinstar Gateway Configuration

Default IP Link :  (Default Username – admin, Password – admin)

1) Network Setting

  • Use the Ip Address you want to configure in WAN port.
  • Ensure different subnet mask for WAN & LAN

2) Com1 Server Settings

  • Update SIP Server credentials here

3) Trunk Groups



GSM Gateway:

Select Available Group Index
Description – Hardware Id
Primary Display Name – Hardware Id
Primary Sip User Id – Account
Primary Authentication Password – Password
Offhook Auto Dial – Incoming IdPort Select – Based on the outgoing trunk selection option

4) Outgoing Calling Rules


5) Incoming Calling Rules