If you are looking for a simple & powerful Inbound / Outbound Call centre solution, you have reached the right place. As success of the call centre is determined by the quality of Software you use warranting for due diligence in choosing one. While we do not claim that ours is the best, out of various customers who have replaced other so called “Best Call Centre Software” have found ours to be far more user friendly & effective.

While we do not expect you to trust our word as sacrosanct, you will be doing a great favor to yourself by spending an hour on the following content and videos to have a first hand information on what is store with our solution and take a informed decision.

Why Com1 Call Centre Suite ?

  1. Cost Effective (The most cost effective Call Centre Solution next only to cloned open source Call Centre Software available in market)
  2. Unlimited Agents ( Our pricing is fixed, no restriction or additional cost to add Agents and restricted only by your hardware).
  3. Ease of management ( Power of simplicity in managing our software. With operating margins under stress over time & attrition rate is very high in this industry, it is prudent to select a software that can be easily trained than selecting one loaded with features that is not useful in day today operation)
  4. Purchase Option ( We offer both outright & monthly rental option of ownership)
  5. 30 Days No Questions Asked Refund (Go ahead with confidence, you are eligible for 30 days no questions asked refund on software(only). Note: None has availed this now)

Call Centre Setting Up

Click the following link for a detailed study on Call Centre Setting Up – Callcentre Suite – Setting Up – (com1pbx.com)

Call Centre Agent Panel

Click the following link for a detailed study on Call Centre Agent Panel. – Agent Panel – (com1pbx.com)

Call Centre Standard Disposition

Call Centre Reports Export

Click the following link for a detailed study on Call Centre Reports Export. – Call Centre Reports – (com1pbx.com)

Call Centre Live Monitoring – AgentLive

Call Centre Live Monitoring – Inbound

Call Centre Live Monitoring – Outbound