Any PC(Desktop) / Server can be the hardware for installing Com1 Ip Pbx. We cannot install Com1 Ip Pbx in Laptops. The Configuration details & Operating system is explained in the same FAQ in the subsequent questions.

We need a dedicated PC for installing our Software. Root access to the Server is barred for the customer and will not be compromised under any circumstances. Though technically feasible for valid reasons we do not install our software in shared PC's even with compatible operating system. We request customers to avoid discussions or arguments on this sensitive topic of possible work arounds to break this norm.

We provide a cost effective system that can work as Ip Pbx and support basic call centre operation of upto 30 agents in progressive mode and upto 10 agents for ACD & Predictive mode.

For normal EPABX operation, even i3 with a minimum of 8 GB RAM & a minimum of 240GB SSD harddisk is enough.

Any Desktop with i5 processor, with a minimum of 240GB SSD harddrive & 16 GB RAM is suggested for a predictive outbound call centre / ACD upto 30 agents. Note : Kindly ensure that the hardware is compatible for Centos 7.0 Server operating System.

If you have more than 30 Agents in Predictive mode / ACD with heavy in coming calls we recommend a Server with a minimum of 32 GB Ram and SSD harddisk with a minimum storage of 240 GB.

Irrespective of our bare minimum suggestions on the hardware, if your application is 'Call Centre' then we advice you not to compromise in this investment as a single breakdown for a day will be much more expensive than the cost saved during investment. Also better server hardware gives better operating performance that enhances everyday productivity.

Currently we are using Centos 7.0 Webserver. You can download the installation procedure documentation from our Download section of this website.

While the installation is generally selection of default or non confusing option, generally in hard disk allotment customers make mistake as default root folder allotment is 50GB. Though there will be no operating inconvenience to start with, the space for data storage like MySql & Voicefiles exhaust in quick time and create operating issues later warranting a reinstallation of entire installation causing disruption of operation.

Technically in any hardware that can install Centos 7, we should be able to install our software. We take the responsibility of installing operating system if it is a dedicated Server while if is VMware, installation of Operating system and any issues / reinstallation of OS at later date will be customer responsibility.

In plain terms, installation & maintenance is our responsibility from OS in dedicated hardware while if it is VMware our responsibility starts post OS installation.