Outgoing Configuration

Trunk Grouping

  • There are 2 possible trunk types that can be connected to the system PRI/E1/T1 or SIP Trunking.
  • While PRI/E1/T1 is normally connected through the PCI slot of the hardware using appropriate hardware, SIP trunking can be either provided by any service provider or any other hardware like GSM gateway / FXO Gateway etc.
  • After every trunk is connected and configured in the system, it comes over to this screen for grouping.
  • Every trunk is identified by Trunk Id (850 to 899) by which this trunk can be called for dialling specifically by this trunk id.
  • National indicates if this trunk can be used for Local & STD dialling
  • International indicates if this trunk can be used for ISD dialling
  • Prefix_Add is useful if this trunk requires any digit to be added for every call for outgoing calls (eg – if this trunk has Centrax facility then the customer has to add an additional ‘0’ with every outgoing call which can be indicated here instead of doing the same with every call) 
  • Prefix_Del is useful if you have to filter out a few digits while making Outgoing calls (eg – some VOIP providers do not dial ‘00’ before making a call while Mobile / PRI trunk requires that. You can select 2 digits to filter out ‘00’ for such providers alone so that as customer you need not dial differently for different trunk while will adjust itself according to the selected trunk.
  • Com1 offers a great flexibility in grouping of trunk. Primarily there are 2 groups – ‘0’ and ‘Reserved’.
  • Reserved is again sub classified into 5 groups (80, 81, 82, 83 & 84)
  • You can attach any trunk to any one or more than one group which can be accessed by the customer by dialling the respective code.
  • In a nutshell, while ‘0’ is the default access code for trunk lines, you can dial with reserved group codes of 80,81,82,83 & 84 and access respective group or you can press the direct access code of 850 – 899 and access specific trunk if you have reserved trunk access.

Emergency Number

  • Shortcode – Select the numbers between 750 to 799
  • Name – Entered to identify the number in GUI or report
  • Type – Number or Survey
  • Trunk Emergency – Trunk group code (eg ‘0’ or Group (80 – 84) or Direct access (850 – 899)) – Valid only for Type – Number
  • Number – Number to be dialled (Valid only for Type – Number)
  • Survey Id – Survey ID of the campaign used for emergency group announcement (Valid only for Type – Survey)
  • Remarks –  Entered to identify the number by any remarks in GUI or report
  • This tab helps in managing contacts to survey. You can Add/delete contacts to any active survey

ISD Routing

  • This helps the customer not only selectively open the ISD facility to only destinations where the calls needs to be made but also helps you select the trunk that offers cheaper tariff. (eg you can choose VOIP trunk for US & PRI for Dubai or any such combinations
  • Unless the customer selected ‘00’ option that allows calls to all countries, the system will allow calls that are listed in this table thus preventing any misuse of telecom resources
  • Country – Select the country you want to allow calls
  • Trunk – Trunk group code (eg ‘0’ or Group (80 – 84) or Direct access (850 – 899))
  • Remarks – Any remarks to justify this restriction / concession

Trunk CLI Link

  • This will help you to set CLI for any extension trunk wise. If this is not set, the operator will send the default CLI to the call made. (eg. If the default cli is 4443911111 and any extension user wants 4443911100 as his CLI for all outgoing calls made in that trunk , needs to be set up here)
  • CLI is purely an operator supported facility and setting CLI is no guarantee that will be passed to the trunk unless that CLI is supported by the Operator that trunk
  • Trunk – Select the Trunk to which the CLI is to be set
  • Extension – Select the Trunk to which the CLI is to be set
  • Identity – Actual CLI to be set

Eg: If you have set a CLI of 4443911100 to extension 201 in trunk 850, enter 850 in Trunk, 200 in Extension & 4443911100 in Identity.

Please note that some operator take 3 or 4 or full digit as CLI. As this requires operator compatibility, a proper entry only will ensure correct operation and hence warrant your extra attention and proper enquiry from operator before doing this. If not set properly, only the default CLI will be passed on to the trunk though it may not impact the outgoing facility.