* Daily, Weekly, Monthly Auto Scheduling (Max 10)
* On demand Bridge conference (Unlimited)
* Recording & retrieval of conference
* Calls can be combination of either Inbound or Outbound
* Email reminder before 1 hour
* SMS reminder before 10 min
* Mobile APP to monitor/add/kick people into/out of conference
* Activity mail report to administrator after the conference expiry


* True Multi Party Conference(Unlimited Participants)
* Recording of the conference available for future review
* Conference can go on with / without you
* Conference can be organised even on an Analog Extension
* Can be organised both in Agent Panel / User Panel
* You can add / kickout participants in the panel
* You can monitor the current participants status in the panel

Missed Call

We missed your call, we shall call u back at the earliest - Thank you - Team Com1

Unattended Outbound Call

Shoba - Com1 tried calling you, that was unattended or unreachable. Appreciate a callback from you in 8220142166

Abandoned Call - ACD

All our Agents are busy rightnow, we shall call u back at the earliest - Thank you - Team Com1

If by any chance any incoming call is missed the callers gets an SMS like this.

We missed your call, we shall call u back at the earliest - Thank you - Team Com1

You also have a panel to manage pending Missed calls


* Ever Wondered if your paid security is awake or asleep during the critical hours in night?
* Com1 Will dial his extension every selected hour randomly and mail you the status reports daily / hourly as required by you
* The Calls the extensions missed to pick up - Daily / Hourly
* The Calls the extensions attended - Daily
* This facility can also be used to track the employee's presence in desk during office hours in work from home scenario


* 8 Lines
* 250 BLF Keys
* Browser Built In for Call Entry
* Unlimited Contact Entry
* Option to enter emergency notes
* Can handle all activities in mouse
* Red - busy, Green - Free, Orange - Ringing


Com1 Ip Pbx offers 2 types of CallerID Based Call Transfer(CBCT).

First you can create a data of extension - number link, which on receipt of a call from the listed number will get forwarded to the linked extension directly.

Second type is when you dial an external number that goes unanswered with a general pilot number as CLI. When the called person returns the call to the CLI received, which invariably lands with the operator who will not be aware of who made the call in an organisation with many extensions and ends with a sorry on either side. To overcome this issue com1 store's the extension - number link and when the called person returns the call, he/she will get transferred automatically to the extension that tried his/her number the last with the maximum of 24 hours validity.

Every external call either received or initiated from Com1 Ip Pbx is recorded and stored in the server. The same can be retrieved by admin on need from our admin GUI or by extension user in his user panel. User panel will have the restriction of all calls made only from his/her extension. We have got a few request to record even intercom calls, which though technically feasible is a resource hungry option that may destabilise more critical call handling options as well occupies critically large hard-disk space. However if the requirement is critical, we create a custom solution for the same.


Voicemail is an option given to the caller to leave his voice message in the the following events of the extension user is not in a position to attended the call to various reasons like not in seat, already busy on another call , calls received after office hours etc. The extension user will get an instant email of the voicemail message with the message as an attachment. The extension user can also retrieve/transfer/delete the messages by calling the Voicemail access code 901 from his extension or by logging in into his user panel. *** Every extension user can have voicemail facility, with all features with no licence for either voicemail or voicemail to email feature ***

Com1 Ip Pbx offers 3 modes of Live Call Supervision popularly called as Barge-In.
* Listen - The manager can hear both the agent and client channels, but no-one can hear the manager
* Whisper - The manager can hear both the agent and client channels, and the agent can also hear the manager, but the client can only hear the agent
* Barge In - The manager channel is joined onto the agent and client channels, and all parties can hear each other. Be warned, if the original agent leaves the call, the call is dropped
Apart from offering conventional Manual Day Night Mode, Com1 Ip Pbx offers a Scheduled Day Night Mode option, by which you can programme a particular hour/hour(s)/Full day to go to night mode eg Friday prayer time, Saturday half day or Scheduled festival days eg x-mas, Diwali, Pongal or Unscheduled holidays eg Local banth , lock-downs.