Com1 Distribution Guidelines (Rev 1.01 dt 26/03/2021)

Foundation of our partnership is collaboration among partners, much against the practice of creating a competition among stake holders. Being in the industry for over 3 decades, we know the root cause of dealer indiscipline starts with Dumping which leads to Desperation. The combination of “Anti Dumping Policy”, “Dealer Locking” & “Customer Locking” ensures that all our partners will not experience the other as a threat but a partner in progress.

Distributor Policy :

  1. The one who enters a minimum of 50 dealers with valid numbers in our Dealer portal ( qualifies to get products at distributor pricing..
  2. Should be willing to conduct Zoom meetings / should bring dealers to attend our meeting periodically in a committed manner.
  3. No Financial Target for the current year and always governed by our Anti Dumping Policy.
  4. With Dealer Locking in place, there is no area restriction and our distributor can appoint dealers anywhere in India. 
  5. We are willing to share 50% of the telecaller salary who is willing to work for dealer development with prior approval and meeting targets. (No Financial Target, Just Dealer Addition and Number of Zoom Participants Per Week).
  6. We are willing to share 50% of the cost of dedicated Dealer meet with prior approval where I am willing to travel to address the dealers.

Dealer Clash Resolution Guidelines :

  1. If the disputed dealer has already billed with locked distributor then transfer without NOC from locked distributor is not possible even if the disputed dealer wishes transfer.
  2. If the disputed dealer has not started billing for over 6 months from date of locking and if the disputed dealer wishes a transfer then it is a fit case for transfer.
  3. If the disputed dealer has not started billing and falls in the area of operation of claiming distributor and if the disputed dealer wishes a transfer then it is a fit case for transfer.

Customer Locking :

  1. Applicable For Dealer / Distributor / OEM 
  2. Any case registered in our portal (No Area Restriction) will be protected
  3. Registration will be overruled if the customer falls under new claimants territory or existing service provider
  4. All Dealers can register in our portal (, using which you can do case locking directly

Dealer Locking :

Who is your Dealer :
Someone who sells directly to customers.

Who is not your Dealer :
Someone who sub distributes to another dealer (general guideline). (Holding Official distribution of any major telecom player)

  • Once registered, the dealer is your property and we will neither trespass nor allow someone else to trespass unless there is a request from the dealer to move out which will be sorted out amicably and appropriately.

Area Exclusivity :

With customer & Dealer locking this may not be a relevant question, yet we can form guidelines so that your current efforts & future plans do not get affected. Be rest assured that we will not expand at the expense of another partner’s efforts. The one who signs first will get the privilege to be listed as a dealer for that area in our main website which is driving sizable traffic, generating leads.

Distribution Cancellation :

  1. You can send us back any hardware based system within 3 months of purchase in sealed condition. 100% money will be refunded after inspection.
  2. 100% Unactivated license less distributor discount will be refunded on surrendering and deactivating our portal.
  3. 1 week is the timeline for repayment from the date of receipt of material in salable condition as well as official communication of surrendering.

Anti Dumping Policy :

  1. We will not bill distributors/OEM until the wallet balance becomes less than 10,000/- or you are not in a position to activate a new license.
  2. Hardware based units (3 nos ) will not be billed again till all the licenses are activated.

Process Flow :

  1. Dealers & Distributors will register themselves in our portal, who can operate individually. 
  2. Company will sell licenses to Distributors who in turn will transfer to Dealers registered under them.
  3. Dealers will directly manage their customers, activate licenses, and register tickets in our portal.

OEM Privilege’s :

  1. We are open to provide our product to market On OEM
  2. OEM Can give their logo to us, which will be bundled along with our products and any registration with the license generated in your portal will have your logo in the product instead of Com1
  3. OEM will have Customer Locking privileges like any dealer where neither our dealers / distributor can quote on the customer locked by you.
  4. OEM will not have Dealer Locking privileges as they are not expected to register as per process.
  5. OEM can operate any where in the world with no area restriction as well as will have our dealers / distributor operating in the same area.

Vote Of Gratitude for our Special Five :

We salute the contribution of the following dealers over time in evolution of our product. Each of them not only risked their market reputation by promoting an unknown & untested product but also suffered the jinx of initial incomplete product.