Customer Scope :

  • Necessary Hardware (Hardware Matrix defined later in this page)
  • Payment of Rs 20,000/year towards Ip Pbx Software Rental

Dealer Scope :

  • Installation Of operating system (We will Train you).
  • Give us the machine access either by Team viewer or over static Ip
  • Post our software loading, installation of the machine in customer location.
  • On site service of the installation during contract period.
  • Collection of renewal amount every year.
  • Payment of Rs 12,000/- towards Ip Pbx Software Rental for Year 1
  • Payment of Rs 8,000/- towards Ip Pbx Software Rental from year 2

Our Scope:

  • Installation of Com1 Ip Pbx Software with 500 Users.
  • Remote support for tickets raised.

Hardware Matrix :

Installation Pre-Requisites :

  • Terminal Equipment Like Ip Phones, Analog Phones with Fxs, Installation Of Soft phones – Customer Scope
  • Necessary network / Telecom Cabling – Customer Scope
  • Rack to mount Ip Pbx – Customer Scope
  • UPS for Ip Pbx – Customer Scope
  • Dealer can charge the customers towards the supply & maintenance of the same during contract period & our 20,000/- rental does not cover any of these as product or service.

Important Point To Note :

As this model is a heavily cost subsidised model, the unbroken renewal is mandatory to sustain our support as well as your support. For continued support renewal at a later date than the actual date of renewal , will commence only from actual date of renewal and not the current date or any future date.

Flowchart Of Offer :