About Com1

While MNC telecom brands like as well as Indian brands was busy cashing in on telecom boom with hard coded telecom products, the customised telecom requirements were left to the select few. With little competition as well as high development cost, only corporate companies could afford such solutions. Sensing an opportunity for a low cost customised Telecom solutions, Trust Marketing - Chennai put all its 3 decades of Telecom & Software experience, started creating products that not only has the reliability of reputed brands but also offered the flexibility to customise to the needs of changing market. The cornerstone of Com1 is its simplicity & flexibility.

Com1 Ip Pbx is the only Ip Pbx in the enterprise Ip Pbx segment that operates with a single software build with an option for customer to update to latest version any point of time with a click of the button. Our primary design principle of making customer manage the system without any telecom knowledge resulted in a simple user friendly GUI and a well documented manual that is updated and publicly displayed in our website. To constantly maintain this we resist adding feature's requested by customers that are specific in nature which do not add value to majority of customers as well as complicates our simple user friendly GUI.

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